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Can we pick what music gets played?

You may be as involved as you’d like in the music selection for your Wedding Reception. Normally, clients will provide some type of music list, usually between 5 and 30 songs. On average during the dancing portion of a reception, we play anywhere between 40 and 60 songs. This is why depending on the length of your list, we ask that you have 15 to 20 must plays, then the DJ’s will know which songs are most important. Please use the love it, like it, and hate it options on the music database. We need to know what you don’t want to hear as well as what you especially want to hear. When you book, we will give you a password to the client database where you can pick all your music if you want.

Do your DJs act as wedding coordinator?

Each reception is different. Any of our DJs can help you with the timeline and key moments of the evening. If you have a wedding coordinator we will work closely with them. If you do not have a wedding coordinator, we recommend having a point of contact for the bride or groom, who will make timeline decisions during the evening. We will find the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen for the Bridal Party Dance, line of the bridal party for the introductions, get the cordless mic ready for the toasts, and we will let you know before any important activities happen. This will keep your reception running smooth. When you book, we will give a password for our online planning tools which will expedite communication and efficiency for your requests to take place.

How many hours can the DJ’s play for?

We are able to play for as long as you want. Our contract will specify number of booked hours, and then it is $100 for each additional hour.

How far in advance should we book?

Depending on availability, Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions are booked anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 years in advance…most couples book between 6 and 18 months in advance. The earlier you book with us the better chance you have securing the specific DJ you were recommended or referred to. Check our availability calendar.

What if we want a song that you don’t have?

As long as we have your final song list one month prior to the wedding, and the music is available to buy.

How many appointments can I make with Mr. Thrill DJ PLUS?

We generally have no more than two face to face meetings, and the rest is planned through phone or e-mail. However, if you are unable to make it, we can always have a phone consultation to go through any details and to answer any and all questions.

Is set-up time included in your price?

There is no extra cost for setup or breakdown of equipment. We charge only for the actual time we play.

Do the DJ’s take breaks?

The DJ’s do not take breaks except to go to restroom and get food.

Can we make a DO-NOT-PLAY list?

YES! Along with a playlist you can make a DO-NOT-PLAY list, including any song titles, artists, or styles of music you would not like to hear.

Our DJ’s are very strict in making sure we abide by these lists, after all, it’s YOUR wedding!

What if I don’t know the name of a song?

If you are unsure of the title or artist of a song, ASK! We would be more than happy to research anything for you. Just let us know as much as you know about the song, and we’ll go from there!

Do you charge a downtown fee or travel fee?


Please call for specific fees.

How much is the deposit for booking?

The deposit to reserve your date is $250.00, this secures everything and the balance is due the night of your reception. Final Payment is acceptable the date of your reception or anytime before.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Anytime before the date of the wedding, we accept personal check, cash, or credit card. If you are paying your balance on the date of your wedding, we only accept cashier’s check, money order, or cash.

How many slow songs do we pick for the dancing portion of the evening?

For the dancing portion of the evening typically we play 6-8 slow songs. If there are other slow songs or ballads that you would like to be played, we suggest adding them to the cocktail or dinner hour.

Is tax or gratuity included in the pricing?

The price in the contract is the agreed upon fee and is the absolute final price; everything is included. Gratuity or tipping for our DJ’s is not mandatory. If you feel the DJ’s have surpassed your expectations, and you’d like to further thank them, feel free to tip them. The DJ’s would love the compliment.

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